Android Studio 4.0

Always good to be on the latest version of IDE to explore most latest available features.

Google has pushed Android Studio 4.0 to a stable channel with even more useful additions and needed fixes. Android Studio 4.0 includes these new enhancements & features:


  • Motion Editor: a simple interface for creating, editing, and previewing MotionLayout animations

  • Upgraded Layout Inspector: a real-time & more intuitive debugging experience

  • Layout Validation: compare your UI across multiple screen dimensions

Develop & Profile

  • CPU Profiler update: improvements to make the UI more intuitive to navigate and the data easier to understand

  • R8 rules update: smart editor features for your code shrinker rules, such as syntax highlighting, completion, and error checking

  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 platform update with performance and quality improvements

  • Live Template update: Android-specific live templates for your Kotlin code

  • Clang support: Clangd and Clang-Tidy turned on by default


  • Build Analyzer: understand and address bottlenecks in your build

  • Java 8 language support update: APIs you can use regardless of your app’s minimum API level

  • Feature-on-feature dependencies: define dependencies between Dynamic Feature modules

  • build features DSL: enable or disable discrete build features, such as Data Binding

  • Kotlin DSL: essential support for Kotlin DSL script files

For a Full list of changes refer: release note You can download Android Studio 4.0 from Android Studio Page. If you are using a previous release of Android Studio, you can simply update to the latest version of Android Studio.

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